"Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably" – Eat Cambridge 2016

Every year we get ourselves involved in a glorious local food festival called Eat Cambridge. Run by the truly marvellous Moving Foodie – AKA Heidi White – this is a chance to try, test and experience the very finest culinary treats that Cambridgeshire has to offer.

In past years we've created menus inspired by the local produce available, or by legendary icons who call the region home – but for this year, we've come up with a menu that draws inspiration from our (rather overladen) bookshelves. From these books, to be precise.


It's always enjoyable coming up with new menus designed around a single concept: while some dishes spring to mind almost easily, others require thought, discussion and a lot of research to bring together. This menu's been several weeks in the making and we can't wait for its debut on Saturday 7 May.

We won't reveal too much of the menu just yet – suffice to say it promises to be a lot of fun indeed. And utterly delicious too, of course...

Don't miss out: join us for dinner during the festival and give our literary tasting menu a try. After all, as C. S. Lewis once said: